Family Constellations Public Workshop – 23 November 2024

From: £35

23 November 2024, Brighton/Hove

Join experienced psychotherapist, supervisor and facilitator, John
Harris, for this Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a group process in which participants represent members of our family and other systems in a Living Map. This shows how the life events and circumstances of previous generations have an impact in the present.

By reaching back into the lives of previous generations in this way we can view the world though a wider lens.

We can then create a place for ourselves that is free from prior limitations and unnecessary suffering. READ MORE

Workshops take place in a safe, supportive environment in which this powerful approach thrives.

Issue Holders (£75) bring a personal issue/question or challenge to be
constellated. John does four constellations in a day.

Representatives (£35) benefit from participating in the constellations
but don’t work directly on an issue.

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